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Round Lake

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Funny DEES

My spirit was struggling, I had a hunch what it may be but what I was going to do about it was a whole different problem. My self-esteem was on the low side and it needed some kind of boost. The only thing I could think of was to go to the local Christian book store looking for a book on the subject. Intimidated by my task I was reluctant to be so bold as to let the store clerk know I was searching for a book on low self-worth. Truth of the matter is I probably didn’t need to ask, for it had to have been written all over my face.
As I sat out in the car gaining what strength I could to go humiliate myself I finally went into the store. It felt like every eye was on me and every ear was tuned in to what I asked the lady at the front counter. Try as I might to say it in the lowest voice I could finally she understood what I was trying to say. Boldly and loudly the clerk answered me in what seemed like a shout as she told me the aisle where I could find all the books on low self-esteem.
As I went back to the area every once in a while I looked over my shoulder to see who may be watching me. It was like that feeling a teenage girl gets when she buys feminine products for the first time and they sneak out hoping no one saw what they just purchased.
LESSON: It’s a surprise they can even sell low self-esteem books because how in the whole can people suffering from this disease be able to ask for them and purchase them. If you think about what we have in God, because of God, through God we don’t need to have a low self-worth. Too often where the low view we take comes from is listening to the lies of Satan and his workers around us.
Someone tells us we are worthless or ugly or no good we instantly listen and take it to heart. We cling to the lies of Satan and ignore the encouragement of our King, Jesus Christ. What does it take to get us to realize just how valuable we are to God?
It takes having faith in ourselves as well as God to know that He does love us and we are worthy of that love. No matter what we do, how much we mess up the Lord is there for us ready to take us into His arms once again. Our worth comes from His love and confidence in us. Worth that comes from accomplishing something like a State championship, a published book, a million dollar bank account are temporary and will never get us where we need to be.
The biggest thing is that we find a balance in the area of self-worth between being too proud of ourselves and beating ourselves down into the ground with a destructive attitude toward us. God is the answer; His book is the best place to find our worth. Our job is to read it, believe it and better yet live it out in our lives. Our worth comes from Him not what others think of us or what we may think of ourselves.
© 2013 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing         Funny DEES

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