Round Lake

Round Lake

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catchy Saying #2 in the fight against stress

Catchy Saying #2 Self makes a good servant but a horrible master

As much as we would like to believe the lie that we make wonderful masters of ourselves it just isn’t true. We act like a young teenage who just graduated from High School. We think the world is ours. We are our own masters now and suddenly reality hits. We learn there are just as many open and closed doors out in the real world as there were at home and we aren’t the ones who are ultimately in control. There are still bosses to answer to, landlords to please, laws to be obedient to, and God to obey.

It doesn’t matter how good we have it down at being our own boss there is still other outside elements affecting us. Being a good servant or steward of our-selves is a task we all need to master with the awareness that God is our ultimate master. He is the one with the final say, the one in vital control. When I was fighting stress seizures this catchy saying helped to remind me that I wasn’t in ultimate control. I made a lousy master and because of poor choices I wasn’t doing well in being a good steward of myself either and I had the stress seizures to prove it. I needed to remember it’s God who is in ultimate control and it was His lead I was to follow not the other way around.

The task of being a good steward of our selves still falls on our shoulders to do and do well. However, if you think about it we were designed to be good servants to others. Where would we be if we had all masters running around and no servants? Who would donate money to charity, feed the poor, help the crippled get out of their chair, and come to the rescue of someone’s dog or cat and so much more. There is no shame in being a servant or having a servant’s heart. With God as our master, the one in control He doesn’t look down upon us as His servants.

To Him we are not people who are in a low life position to give Him what He wants at the snap of His fingers. He is a loving Master who cares about those who are willing to be a part of His family. A family we enter by choice not by force. As a young child is comforted knowing mom and dad are there to watch over them it’s comforting to know God is in the same position. He is the one in charge and knowing that reduced a lot of the affects stress was having on me. Praise the Lord.

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