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Round Lake

Saturday, May 3, 2014

In Christ I Am Series~~~Salt of the Earth

One by one in the next few weeks we will be going thru a list of the things we are in Christ. We start with, in Christ I am the salt of the earth Matthew 5:13. We will be looking at it thru the eyes of dealing with conflict and trying to live in an ungodly world.

First of all when examining salt it has several different purposes or tasks its good for. It adds flavor, it preserves things, and it cleanses things. As Christians we are the salt of the world. We are here to add flavor to the world around us and preserve and cleanse that world.

The flavor we need to be adding is that of one that compliments Jesus, is well balanced, and doesn't leave a bad taste in ones mouth. Too often when caught in conflicts and worldly surroundings its too easy to be like those around us. We lose our cool, we give in to our emotions and before we know it we have lost our saltiness. Our purpose is to leave a taste of Christ behind to preserve and clean the situations we are in.

If you think about it. We are the salt between two dead fish which are people of the world living outside of Christ. It is our job to be the thing that is there to preserve them and save them from rotting spiritually by witnessing Jesus to them. To cleanse instead of get dirty with them by allowing ourselves to get caught up in today's filth.

Whatever we do we can't lose our effectiveness. We have been given a purpose, a task to fulfill in Christ and we must do it. We are the salt, lets do our duty.

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