Round Lake

Round Lake

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Blast from the Past

Going thru my scrapbook recently I came across a poem I wrote to the Women at the Round Lake Women's retreat as it was called back then. It was a poem that made it to my scrapbook because of what the act behind it meant to me. From 1978 to 1990 I was disabled with epilespy. I had uncontrolled seizures daily that prevented me from doing things while at the same time made other things difficult to do. The women of the church would take me to the Women's Retreat and watch over me in case I had a seizure. Which in my case was frequently throughout the day.

In 1986 at this particular retreat I evidently had several seizures in a row. Each time I did I would wet my pants. After a certain amount of seizures I ran out of spare clothes to wear. After the last seizures I had when I noticed the clothes I was wearing I asked the ladies what happened. This was something I always had to do in order to find out what I did during my seizures. They told me I had wet my pants again so they had to hand wash my other clothes and blow them dry with one of the ladies hair blow dryers as quick as they could.

This act of kindness has never left me till this day as I type these words thru flowing tears. Back when I had epilepsy I wrote poems to keep my mind focused on things other than seizures. They may not have been great poems or drawings I did with them but they were terrific for the purpose they served. This is the poem I wrote in gratitude to the ladies for what they did in 1986.

Truly an act of kindness the women of the church continue to do today and I'm proud to be a part of them. Being cured from my epilepsy now for over 20 years I can now give to others what was given to me. It may be slowed down a little bit by my recent onset of Breast and Bone cancer but I still have the ability to give. We all have that ability to give, it doesn't take someone healthy, rich, or wise. All it takes is a caring giving heart.

MY POEM (I will not correct any grammar, I'm leaving it as I wrote it) Christian love has a value, a value all its own. Something worth the treasuring a thing that is worthy to loan. And I was honored to get this loan from my sisters at Women's Retreat The day I had a seizure and was as embarassed as all could be. For thru my seizure I wet my pants and felt so like a fool. I couldn't stop the tears from flowing, try as I did to be cool. My sisters showed their love for me when they took my dirty wet pants And blowed them with a hair blow dryer which made my heart just dance. So thank you sisters for this loan, I pray I'll pay it all back, Giving all I can to you till nothing between us lacks. Thank you friends, I love you. Karen

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