Round Lake

Round Lake

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Newest Writing Adventure

On this blog I have been doing a series of writings devoted to "I think I'm having stress" and "Funny Dees." Recently I was blessed to be accepted into a bloggers group and the theme of my blog at is about stress and cancer.

These are the two topics I have had to deal with in my adult life through the diseases I have, and in some cases, continue to face. Fresh out of college the first was my epilepsy that had me disabled for 12 years and the challenge I was given to get rid of the stress seizures that prevented me from being totally cured.

Twenty years after the Lord blessed me with a healing from my epilepsy I was diagnosed with breast and bone cancer. This is one disease that .will not be "cured" but just the same it can be conquered in my attitude, actions, and ability to stay strong in Jesus.

Therefore, because I'm writing about stress on I probably won't continue with the series here that I named "I think I'm having stress." I might be able to come up with something for both spots, we'll have to see.

If you don't see any more "I think I'm having stress" posts here that is the reason why. I'll find something to replace it with. I told Annie Jennings when I spoke with her that I will not copy and paste from this site on to hers. After all I told her the more I write the more I have, so be on the lookout and visit me at:

In love W.I.T.H. Jesus,

Karen J. Gillett

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