Round Lake

Round Lake

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Women's Retreat

Women's Retreat for 2013 is September 13 & 14th at Round Lake

The theme for this year is "Fitness." There will be three women speaking. One on the topic of physical fitness, another will cover the subject of spiritual fitness, and then the third will be addressing the issue of emotional fitness.

I am the speaker who will be talking about the subject of emotional fitness. We will be sharing stress fighting tips that work as we laugh our way to better emotional health.

Come and join us and have some fun. You can come on Friday and Saturday or just one of the two days it doesn't matter you will always get something to bring home with you to enhance your spiritual growth.

If you want to get a registration before the retreat come by the Redmond Christian Church in Redmond Oregon. The cost of the retreat is $20.00 per day. There are sleeping areas if you want to spend the night and don't worry its not under the stars and there is running water in the bathrooms with flushing toilets. Ha Ha......

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