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Round Lake

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Thy Hands Thy Fingers

Father God , grant me to feel Thee in trials, situations, good times and bad as well as in every providence. And to see that Thy many gifts, acts of mercy and grace are but Thy hands and fingers taking hold of me. Revised from a Puritans prayer.

As I sit by my mothers side as she lays restfully in her hospital bed I couldn't help but think of this Puritans prayer I once read. A prayer spoken from the heart of someone in the 16th or 17th century for my heart centuries later.

Apparently both of us share the same quest to feel Gods presence in our trials and all we experience. Seeking that which we already know that Gods hands and fingers are in our every situation.

Oh that our focus will forever remain the same that we will see Gods many gifts, acts of grace and mercy are His hands and fingers taking hold of us.

What an awesome thought to visual it is God's hands and fingers that stroke moms forehead telling her everything will be ok. Who comforts my heart to know He is there. Who fills the room with a sense of peace and reassurance.

"Father God, what a praise it is to know dear Lord that Thy hands and fingers have never been too small but are large enough to care for us all. Unlike the disobedient child who has been grabbed by the arm by their parent and sent to their room You oh Holy One handle us with a gentleness we often don't deserve.

May we always remember in our hearts that You are taking a hold of us, not letting us go to fall on our own. Your presence is real, Your love is Devine and Your mercy is magnificent.

May we always take hold of You as You have taken hold if us. With Thy gentle hands and fingers keep a firm grip on my parents as I know You are not finished with them yet nor myself."

I Love You, Lord. Thanks for loving me.

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