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Round Lake

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Catchy Saying #3 Come Accepting Not Demanding

"Come Accepting Not Demanding"

For the longest time when I was fighting my seizures it seemed like all I did was come to God demanding healing, demanding answers, demanding relief from all my stress. For some reason I thought I could come to Him in a demanding sort of way and get my way like some little kid. After all if I came accepting of my circumstances then that meant I was okay with everything therefore God was going to freeze me in the position I was so content with.

Boy did I have it wrong! It was this simple little “catchy saying” that showed me the error of my thinking. I had God all wrong. He doesn’t tell us to be content so He can freeze frame our life so He doesn’t have to deal with us anymore by convincing us to be content where we are. That’s ridiculous. Being accepting and content with our circumstances is a way to endure what we are going through until such a time in which it may change. It’s our strength in a weak situation, our rock to stand upon when the sand of time is giving away under us.

None of us are in the position where we can go to God demanding anything. We can ask for answers, ask for guidance, ask for our needs but to demand them is a totally different thing. It’s a matter of a good attitude verses a bad attitude. To demand anything from God is like behaving as some spoiled child who always expects to get their way.

To accept what God has for us is to be humble and thankful for at least the things we do have. The less we fight our circumstances and allow for acceptance the more likely they may change for us.

I could still be fighting my stress seizures to this day 24 years later by not accepting the fact I had them and I’d still be disabled. Same goes with the elderly man with dementia. He can both accept the fact he has dementia and try to deal with it on a regular basis or fight it and refuse to accept the fact and be miserable for the rest of his life.

God’s not in the business of freeze framing. What He wants is for us to have the right attitude towards life and the circumstances we face and piece by peace our stress becomes less of a battle. Therefore freeing us up to fight the real battles in life and win. Exchange demanding for acceptance today, you’ll love the results. You’ll be surprised at the peace.

© 2014 Karen J. Gillett @ Pencil Marks and Recipes Publishing for COCWF

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