Round Lake

Round Lake

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Stress fighting scriptures. Psalm 25:5,15

Forever Forward

Psalm 25:5,15 show me Your ways O Lord; teach me Your paths. My eyes are ever toward the Lord for He shall pluck my feet out of the net. 

This scripture to me was very helpful when it came to fighting my stress seizures. The fact that my ways were leading me to stress seizures made it obvious I needed something to get me on a better track. It was my ways that was giving me seizures and God's way that would lead down a better path. 

Step two in the process would be to allow myself to be teachable. To not only permit God to show me His ways but I needed to be willing to learn and practice them as well. In order to do that my eyes had to be forever forward toward God. 

When my concentration was toward the stressful things in life I would have a seizure. When it was forever forward toward God the stress seizures ceased to exist. I was trusting God more and leaning on Him instead dwelling on the negative and getting myself stuck in the net that so easily entangles us. The net of stress. 

Forever forward towards God beats going backwards and deeper into a pit any day. 

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