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Round Lake

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Catchy Saying #4 A Good team

A Good Team~~~

"Only me just doesn't work but God and I as a team does."

Too often in our lives we all need to have this saying around to remind us we need God on our team. Trying to go at life in a solo fashion in the long run doesn't work. It needs to be, God and us, in that very order. 

Trying to stand up against the headwinds of stress was something I couldn't do on my own. Obviously I tried and all I got were more seizures. God and I were a team and it was up to me to act like one. To stop taking matters into my own hands and do my part to trust God. To stand up against the things in life that were doing me more harm than good. 

Only me got me just that, only me, which backed me up into many lonely corners. Dark corners full of frustrations and stress seizures. It wasn't until I learned the hard way that I needed to play by the rules that there was more than just me to think about. 

When I realized I needed to live and act like a good team member progress began to be made. It was no longer all about me but what I could do to contribute to the team not drain from it without ever returning anything. 

God and I we make a good team and so can you and Him as well. We don't have to be the last person chosen because we are no good at what we do. We can and have been the first one chosen in God 's eyes. Done so out of love, done so out of His grace and mercy. 

Good players on a good team. 

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