Round Lake

Round Lake

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Catchy Saying #5 Winners Never Quit

"Winners never quit and quitters never win."

This is one catchy saying that picked me up and carried me thru many situations bogged down with potential stress. Too often when my seizures were at their worse I wanted so badly to quit and let them win.

This saying I found reminded me that quitters never win. If I was to have any chance of a deceit life I was going to have to keep on trying. It didn't necessarily mean I would win over my seizures in the long run but it gave me a fighting chance.

Eventually because I wouldn't allow myself to quit and give up I did have victory over my seizures. It took me five years of hard labor fighting an often weak spirit but it paid off. It paid off when the doctor five years later told me my stress seizures were gone.

It was a victory won thanks to God who supplied my spirit thru His word with enough strength to keep me going. To keep me fighting on and to show me "no I wasn't the quitter I thought I was." I was much more in Him and thru Him to overcome anything. Even stress seizures.


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