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Round Lake

Sunday, August 17, 2014

In Christ I Am Series~~~~Healed

In 1 Peter 2:24 it talks about because of Christ's wounds we are healed. Being a person with cancer I look down at myself and think, "I don't feel healed! If the Bible says I am then why aren't I healed of this horrible disease?"

The answer is in the remaining part of the verse we tend to skip to read the words "you are healed." The part that says Christ died for us that we may live for righteousness. Our healing is from the disease of sin and the damages it can create.

What we fail to realize is that not everyone gets cancer, praise the Lord but all of us suffer from the disease of sin. It's only by the wounds of Christ that healing is granted. No doctor can prescribe it. No magic wand waving in the air can make it go away. We need Christ.

If we were to be cured today of our cancer or other diseases the joy of such healing would last only until our death from other causes. However, when we are healed spiritually it is a cure that is good for all eternity. In reality which is better. Myself, I would take the one that would last for all eternity.

I can put up with a few years of cancer but I can't live without Christ in my life. Truly it's up to us to go for the cure the correct healing. The healing that matters.


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