Round Lake

Round Lake

Monday, September 16, 2013

Fun at Women's Retreat 2013

Women's retreat this year was once again a big success. We learned about physical, emotional, and spiritual fitness. We got to sing songs around a cozy campfire, hike around the lake, and catch up with old friends as we made new ones.
It was a blessing for the first time at the retreat to enjoy witnessing a baptism in the lake. It may have been a cold journey into the water for Kathy and Bonnie but Kathy came out with a warm smile that never went away the rest of the retreat.
Here are more pictures of our fun time together:
 Joan did a great job leading us in songs of praise. Thanks also Joan for your role in the planning of the retreat.

 "Hum, what should I do next?"

Ladies gathered to watch the baptism

Lisa, one of the speakers, challenging us to look at what we are using our time for, spiritual growth or other stuff? Visit Lisa at her blog

Newly baptized Kathy comes out of the waters of the lake ready to start a new life in the Lord. May we all do our part in helping Kathy in her new beginning.

Our cooks worked hard at feeding us well. Thank you!

 Round Lake Wilderness camp, may your flag forever wave as lives are touched by what you have to offer.

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  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration to us all, Karen. It was great to see you and hear you again this year; looking forward to next year!