Round Lake

Round Lake

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Emotional Fitness ~~~~~~ Fighting Against Stress

  As one of the speakers at Women's Retreat this year Bev Campbell and I both spoke about emotional fitness. Bev talked about many things including the scripture that says that physical fitness may have a little benefit, emotional or spiritual fitness is what has lasting values for all eternity. In my talk with the lady I talked about stress and the tricks we can use to fight against it. I gave the ladies ways to stay focused when stress is in the midst that we may stay healthy emotionally.
Unable to finish covering my handouts with the ladies I will cover on this blog what I didn't get to finish at the retreat. At the retreat it may have been "TMI" too much information to absorb all at once but here we have as long as we want to finish what we started. Let the learning begin:
We will cover the list of "catchy sayings" that were handed out and how we can use them to help us in our fight against stress. After going thru that list we will cover the scriptures I used to fight my stress seizures that have lasting value for any fight we are in.
Last but not least we will cover the list of Stress Fighting tips that were given. To get a head start on those you can look at the first six listed on JenningsWire where I blogged about these already.
Catchy Saying #1   It's a fight worth fighting with a coach worth listening to
Any struggle we are in, any fight we are fighting is worth it when we have God as our coach. What a blessing it is to have on our side someone who really cares and is willing to be there through all our struggles. God is not there to prevent us from going through hard times but He is there to help walk us through these moments in our lives. Just like a football coach can’t play for the players, prevent them from being hurt when tackled, or fight their battles for them when tempers fly on the field God is the same way. He is there to give us the advice needed to win, cheer us on, encourage us when we need it the most, and strengthen us both emotionally and spiritually as we do our part. We are the ones who have to be willing to fight the fight with the right attitude. The attitude to not merely survive life but to win in a manner that would make our coach, our Lord God himself proud He has us on His team.
 No fight, struggle, or hard time is pleasant at the moment but with God as our coach He makes it worth fighting to stay upright in our Christian walk one success at a time.

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